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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use your company instead of shopping around for a direct source of medical care?

Gateway Surgical Solutions is unique because we don’t simply broker surgeries. Our model is significantly different in 2 ways:
1. We provide a full circle of care. We work closely with physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists, and registered nurses to provide a full circle of care for our clients.
2. We are usually able to provide a surgeon from our clients’ city or province to travel with them and perform their surgery. This way patients have access to their surgeon before, during and after their procedure.

How is a pre-surgery consultation at Gateway different from a consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon in the public health system?

The assessment you will undergo at Gateway Surgical Solutions is an enhancement over the type of consultations available to patients in the public health system. There are 2 reasons for these enhancements:
1. There is unique information that is needed when considering travelling for surgery.
2. We want you to have greater access to your entire care team when you come to Gateway for private surgery including out of province surgery.
In a pre-surgery consultation at Gateway, you will be introduced to your entire care team: your patient care coordinator, your physiotherapist, and your surgeon. You will be given ample time to ask questions of all of these team members to allow you to fully understand the care you will be offered at Gateway. The nature of this visit will provide you the opportunity to discuss many questions that may be on your mind regarding out of province surgery or other enhanced services available.

Some of the questions you may want to discuss with your surgeon are:
1. Why is the surgery performed out of province?
2. Am I healthy enough for a travel soon before and after surgery?
3. Is it reasonable to perform the surgery I need in a non-hospital setting?
4. Do the health professionals at the destination have the same expertise found in the conventional hospital setting?
5. Is the quality of care in an out-of-province non-hospital surgery centre comparable to the care provided in a hospital?
6. Are there tips your surgeon has for travel soon after a surgery?
a. Timing of the travel.
b. Timing of medications with respect to the travel.
c. How to use devices like slings, braces, crutches and wheelchairs during travel.
d. Advice on wound care and the prevention of blood issues during travel?
e. Nutritional tips during travel to minimize nausea and dehydration following a surgery?

Is it legal to go outside the Canadian health care system in this manner?

The service we provide falls within the legal framework for the provision of medically necessary procedures in Canada. In most cases, by providing the services in a province in which the patient does not reside it is acceptable to provide these services in an expedited and privately paid environment.

Won’t my medical condition be treated, if I wait long enough, in the public system?

The usual answer to this question is “yes”. However, wait times in the public health system for non-urgent procedures are usually much longer than the motivated patient is willing to accept. Waiting months or even years to relieve pain and restore function is not acceptable to the patients who come to Gateway Surgical Solutions for help. In most cases we can help patients through the entire process in a matter of weeks.

Do I need a referral from my family doctor?

No. Gateway Surgical Solutions’ alternative assessment protocols mean that you can come to us from the initial onset of pain or injury and be placed on the fast track to recovery, whether you need surgery or not.

How do I know that the surgeon, to whom I am referred, is qualified to help me?

Gateway Surgical Solutions only engages the services of top tier, currently practising and accredited surgeons, physicians, physiotherapists and nurses to provide your care. We are committed to connecting our clients with a full circle of care by the best medical professionals available.

What about surgical complications?

Complications from surgery are rare, but when they do happen you have the peace of mind knowing that Gateway Surgical Solutions can connect you with excellent care when you return home. Our commitment to providing a full circle of care includes post-operative complications.

Where do surgeries happen?

Surgeries are offered at various appropriate for the type of surgery, this may be either at a hospital or non-hospital surgery centres. Exact locations are chosen based on a combination of factors: patient preference, type of surgery needed, and availability of access being the most common determinants.

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