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The Gateway Advantage

We connect each patient with appropriate medical care in a timely manner.

Wait Time Comparison

Public System
(Two Years)
Gateway Advantage
(1-2 months)
General Practitioner
2 - 4 months
Up To Two Years
1 - 2 months

The Gateway Promise

Fast Assessment

Gateway Surgical Solutions connects patients with medical experts who provide timely opinions of their surgical needs. Our team of physicians and surgeons are committed to providing rapid personalized assessments driven by your schedule, not theirs. 

Choose Your Surgeon

Gateway Surgical Solutions offers 2 options to patients seeking out-of-province surgery:

  • When travel is required to access private surgery, Gateway usually provides local surgeons to travel with you to perform your surgery at the destination.

  • Surgeons at the destination facility are available to perform your surgery. 

Care on Your Schedule

Gateway Surgical Solutions works with you to find the surgical services you need at a destination and time that suits your requirements. We work hard to fit your surgery to your schedule. 

Post-operative care and Rehabilitation

Expert care during the recovery phase is essential to realizing the full benefit from a surgery. Gateway Surgical Solutions will connect you with experts to ensure the best possible rehabilitation.

Gateway Advantage

The Gateway Advantage is - our commitment to provide every patient with the complete circle of care before, during, and after the surgery. This allows patients to optimize the process both in terms of quality of care and timeliness of care. 

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