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What is Gateway?

With exception of British Columbia, Canada's health laws usually do not allow for private, medically necessary surgeries. The option available to most patients wanting to avoid long wait times for orthopaedic surgery is to travel to destinations outside the province, where private surgery is readily available. However, these patients often have difficulty coordinating local care before and after their procedure.

Gateway Health Solutions is an expert agency that facilitates local and out of province orthopedic surgeries for Canadians. Though Gateway Health Solutions is not the provider of medical services, we engage our network of medical expertise and facilities to coordinate diagnosis, surgery, and rehabilitation needs of Canadians who opt for private surgery. Our independent physicians, surgeons, clinics, hospitals and allied health professionals provide the treatment and are responsible for all aspects of medical care, interventional procedures, diagnostic testing, and rehabilitation.

  • Specialist Opinion

    There are two options for assessments when having your surgery arranged by Gateway Health Solutions.


    Option 1

    For patients who have had their need for surgery confirmed by either a medical doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor, and who wish to travel out of province for private surgery.  Gateway Health Solutions offers the opportunity to meet with an orthopaedic surgeon to attend a “Fit for Surgery” evaluation. In this meeting the patient will receive pertinent information on all aspects unique to out-of-province surgery.

    Option 2

    For patients who do not have an existing diagnosis from a medical doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor. The first step to obtaining an orthopaedic opinion is to perform diagnostic imaging such as magnetic resonance imaging.  This report will then be forwarded to Gateway Health Solutions for review.

    A Gateway Health Solutions physiotherapist will then assess and complete a comprehensive report regarding the patient's injury

    The next step is for the patient to complete a detailed questionnaire regarding all current musculoskeletal conditions.

    Once these documents are complete, Gateway Health Solutions will obtain a written opinion from a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon. This opinion will provide detailed insight into how your injury should be treated and whether or not surgery is required. From this point Gateway can facilitate any private care required.


  • Surgery

    Surgeries are usually no more than a short airplane flight away. In the cases of out-of-province surgery, Gateway Health Solutions will facilitate a local surgeons to accompany you and perform the proceedure. Gateway will also arrange for pre and post operative services such as physiotherapists and registered nurses.

    • Hammer Toe
    • Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle
    • Stiff Big Toe (Hallux Rigidus)
    • Adult Acquired Flatfoot
    • Bunions
    • Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
    • Claw Toe
    • Clubfoot
    • Diabetic (Charcot) Foot
    • Flexible Flatfoot in Children
    • Heel Pain
    • In-toeing
    • Morton's Neuroma
    • Plantar Fasciitis and Bone Spurs
    • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
    • Sesamoiditis
    • Tarsal Coalition
    • Vertical Talus
  • Post-operative care and Rehabilitation
    Post-operative care and Rehabilitation

    Option 1.

    In-House Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation after surgery is important and is optimal when supervised by one of Gateway Health Solutions’ physiotherapists. These therapists work closely with the orthopaedic surgeon to tailor a rehabilitative program specific to the needs of each patient. This option includes approximately 10 physiotherapy sessions, as well as follow-up visits with an orthopaedic surgeon or sport medicine physician facilitated by Gateway.


    Option 2.

    Follow-up Surgery. Although rare, there are times when complications requiring specialized care occur. In these rare events, Gateway Health Solutions can connect you with appropriate physicians or surgeons to provide optimal care without you having to return to the facility where the surgery was performed.

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